Cargo & Charter Flights
Local: 08:44
UTC: 03:44
Flight Support Maldives understands that speed, accuracy and efficiency are the primary measures upon which our services are evaluated – we know how to keep your time on the ground to a minimum.
As a local company, we are able to negotiate the best possible prices and discounts for our customers. You have peace of mind knowing that no matter which airport in Maldives you operate to, Flight Support Maldives will be there to ensure you are receiving the best service and price.
We handle all types of aircraft and know what is needed to ensure a quick turn and a successful cargo stop. We work with many of the ad hoc cargo carriers and provide a wide range of services to accommodate every requirement. Our ground support team has been specially trained to take care of all the details, so you know your cargo flights will be well cared for in Maldives.