Local: 09:11
UTC: 04:11
We know that the food served on-board a charter flight can leave a lasting impression with the customer. In all our locations, we carefully select our caterers and meet with them regularly to make sure that they are maintaining the highest standards. It is our responsibility to ensure that the catering tastes perfect, but is also reasonably priced and well presented.

Partnered with

"The Swiss company DeliSky is a specialized consultancy and service provider in the field of VIP inflight Catering. Their catering order system, specially designed for the Business Aviation industry, is available online as well as an iOS App and allows to easily and comfortably place catering orders at many locations around the world with a clear overview of the costs. DeliSky continuously evaluates the best available catering providers and their feedback-based quality system allows to continuously monitor their caterers' quality performance. DeliSky provides an individual 24/7 support to Flight Attendants and Catering Departments and actively helps to provide fresh and best quality catering exactly matching their customers' wishes."