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In the enchanting landscape of the Maldives, where luxury and opulence are paramount, our approach to ground handling transcends the conventional benchmarks of success that merely hinge on swift turnarounds. While speed, precision, and efficiency undoubtedly constitute essential facets of our operational prowess, our commitment extends far beyond the realm of equipment optimization. We are resolutely dedicated to ensuring that both passengers and crew members are enveloped in an unparalleled “VIP” service experience that epitomizes the epitome of luxury and comfort.


To further enhance the convenience and peace of mind of our clients, we offer the provision of comprehensive ground handling services at advantageous rates, facilitated through a seamless credit-based system. This strategic approach eliminates the necessity for crew members to carry substantial sums of cash onboard the aircraft, thereby fostering a secure and streamlined operational environment.


Moreover, our commitment to excellence propels us to go above and beyond the ordinary, offering a spectrum of services that caters to your every need. From ensuring a seamless and efficient turnaround to facilitating crew hotel accommodations, securing premium catering arrangements, and providing top-tier FBO services, our comprehensive offerings are meticulously designed to elevate your experience in the Maldives to a level of unparalleled luxury and convenience.

Services Include

Ground Handling & Flight Support


Flight Support Maldives offers a comprehensive solution to manage every aspect of your journey, starting from meticulous trip planning through take-off, landing, and beyond. Our services ensure a seamless and unified experience, providing a single point of contact for the meticulous coordination of all elements encompassing your voyage. What sets us apart is our commitment to simplifying your experience through consolidated billing, ensuring that you receive a single, concise invoice that covers the entirety of your trip’s services. With our global reach, well-trained personnel, and an extensive network of esteemed partners and locations across the Maldives, we are poised to not just meet but exceed your highest expectations.


Our extensive array of services includes:


  • Ground Handling: We deliver expert ground handling services at airports across the Maldives, including VRMM, VRDA, and VRMG.


  • Slots: Our team expertly manages slot coordination to streamline your operations.


  • Landing and Over-fly Permits: We secure permits efficiently, even at the last minute, to ensure smooth operations.


  • Transportation: We arrange transportation tailored to your specific needs, enhancing your ground mobility.


  • Delay / Disruption / AOG Assistance: Rely on us for swift and effective support in case of delays, disruptions, or aircraft-on-ground (AOG) situations.


  • Hotels: We secure comfortable crew accommodations at top-notch hotels, ensuring a pleasant stay.


  • Catering: Enjoy exquisite catering services through luxury hotels in the Maldives, catering to your culinary preferences.


  • Vendor Coordination: We manage vendor relationships to ensure seamless service delivery.


  • Full Credit Arrangements: Streamline payment processes with our full credit arrangements.


  • Flight Planning: Benefit from our precise flight planning services for optimal navigation.


  • Weather / NOTAMs: Stay informed with timely weather and NOTAM updates to support your decision-making.


  • VVIP / VIP / CIP Lounge: Access exclusive lounge facilities for your VIP passengers.


  • 24hr Aircraft Security: Your aircraft’s security is our priority, with round-the-clock surveillance.


  • Floral Arrangements: Enhance your experience with bespoke floral arrangements.


  • Cargo Handling: Trust us for efficient cargo handling services tailored to your requirements.


  • Transportation for Crew and Passengers: Ensure seamless mobility for both crew and passengers.


  • Tow-bar: We provide essential equipment such as tow-bars for your convenience.


  • Visa Arrangements: We assist with visa requirements to facilitate your entry into the Maldives.


  • Cell Phone Rentals (Crew & Passengers): Stay connected with our cell phone rental services.


  • Health, Wheelchair, and Stretcher Services: We cater to special health-related needs, including wheelchair and stretcher services.


  • Tour Operator Coordination and Liaison: For seasonal tourist charter flights, we coordinate and liaise with tour operators.


  • Med Evac Charters and Business Charters: We facilitate medical evacuation charters and business charters as needed.


With Flight Support Maldives, you can trust that every aspect of your journey, whether it’s managing FUEL requirements, handling AOG situations, coordinating catering services, arranging crew accommodation, or addressing specialized needs like medical evacuation, will be executed flawlessly. Our goal is to ensure that your trip to the Maldives is marked by precision, convenience, and the utmost satisfaction.

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